Become a god without God

Become a god without God  (author: Diodoros Rammos, Historian – Archaeologist)

How Zionism has influenced the world for over 250 years

English Translation from the Greek 4th Edition

Εven though I studied history and archaeology, I couldn’t find answers to many questions I had concerning the past. Many events seemed to be strange and incomprehensible. The history of Europe is illogical in general, even though using logic to explain everything (and not faith) is an invention of the Europeans.
Why did the Europeans, from the 18th Century onwards, rebel against Christ, against religion, against God?
Why did Greece, which fought the two world wars on the side of the victors, find itself destroyed at the end of the wars, instead of victorious?
Why are astrology, horoscopes and predictions for the future promoted in all types of media, even though science has proved that the stars don’t affect our lives?
I didn’t find the answers at university, but at least a few professors with integrity taught me how to investigate. They
taught me how to research in depth until I found the truth. And I found it in the simple phrase of a modern saint of our Orthodox Church, St. Paisius of Mt. Athos. He said: “Do you know how long the Zionists have been working now? For over 250 years!” He said that in the 1990’s, so 1990 – 250 =1740! So what happened around 1740?
It was then that the Kabbala Jews (the Zionists), having infiltrated the masonic lodges in mass numbers, had converted them into temples belonging to Kabbala, which until then did not have any formal buildings! At the same time, they acquired an organized network of secret agents and ‘soldiers’ who work right up until today to destroy Christianity in Europe and replace it with Kabbala.




What is Zionism?
Kabbala’s Dogmas
Tainting Europe’s Way of Thinking
Conquering Britain
Deism and the Enlightenment
Freemasonry, the ‘Infantry Battalion’ of Zionism
Rosicrucians, the ‘Special Forces’ of Zionism
The Illuminati, the Enlightened Forerunners of Communism
Bankers, the New Kings of Europe
The French Revolution, the First of the Zionists’ Triumphs
The Rothschilds Expand
The Greek Revolution and Nationalism
The Illuminati and the Labour Movement
Karl Marx, the Great Kabbalist
Left-wing Politics’ Defeat to Marxism
Golden Dawn, Hermetics and Ancient Worship
The Manufacturing of Germany
The Most Honest Freemason
Zionists vs Jews
Abolishing the Two Genders
Bibliography – Sources

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